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Fort Collins, Colorado - Choice City, USA

There's an old song that came out when I was a boy ("classic rock" now, much to my chagrin) called "I love LA" by Randy Newman. It was super catchy and pops into my head occasionally. Take a look here to see neon colored sunglasses and feathered hair.

It pops into my head when I'm thinking about Fort Collins. We don't have the beach or the palm trees, but we have Horsetooth, Old Town, First Night, New Belgium, CSU, Bohemian Nights at New West Fest,  and tons of other events and attractions that makes Choice City great. It makes my want to sing, "I love FC!"

But the MVPs of FC, are the people. We are what makes the city truly great. We are friendly, smart, well-meaning, and good people. We take care of our families, the planet, and enjoy life in our bright little city by the foothills. This is reflected in the city's appreciation for the arts, the forward thinking programs that benefit the planet, and consistent ranking among the fittest cities in the world.

Fort Collins is great, but so is the State! 

I was born in Denver, raised in Colorado Springs, and have lived in Fort Collins all of my adult life (with a brief ski-bum phase in the Roaring Fork Valley). So my affection extends to the whole state, for essentially the same reasons I love Fort Collins. Colorado is a fantastic place to live, raise families, and grow individually and as a society. 

So while foco designs is based in Fort Collins, we love Colorado from the farmlands of the eastern plains, to the ski resorts of the western slope. Our aim is to produce high quality apparel and merchandise to express the pride and intangible quality of what it means to be a Coloradans, whether you were born here, just got here, or have yet to arrive. We know you'll look good wearing it.

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Disclaimer - While our focus is regional, please forgive us if you see something delightfully out of place. 


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